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THE PLACE LIVE - Events Across The USA

THE PLACE LIVE -  Live Events Livestreaming events, podcast artist Interviews, live performances, monologues, Q&A, supporter testimonials, and music industry leaders.

The First Virtual Online Music City

Join The Electric Music City Development team. A proactive community-based coalition of advocate supporters - teachers, parents, school officials, and community leaders to help advance the support to highlight outstanding efforts in music and art education for creative young people. Working together to foster lasting improvement & empower passionate young people by emphasizing music's amazing benefits and a strong focus on supporting their talents. We must not outsource creativity, making sure that all children have access to the arts and music education based on passion, not income. For more info on how to get involved

Podcast and Livestream events, artist Interviews, live performances, monologues, Q&A

Now that Electric Music City Studio is built, coordinating the production has taken a little more time than anticipated. We want to ensure our community that everything goes smoothly as possible and fulfill the mission because music education is that important. Stay informed and help us build the community by joining the membership page, sharing social media, and getting involved as we build the fan base of supporters, supporting our Kids Rock Syndicate mission for children's rights to better music education across the USA.  Thank you for your patients.

Thanks for supporting our mission.  Making Music Matter for Kids podcast is developing a coalition of advocate supporters for children's music aimed to build a vibrant music economy that drives value, and attracts talent, and business supporters across the USA, Investing in our future, our children.

THE PLACE LIVE - Events Across The USATHE PLACE LIVE -  Podcast and Livestream events

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