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Music Instrument Donation 

Music instrument donation, new & used music instrument donation helps make music matter for kids. Donate today because music matters for kids. We accept instruments regardless of condition. All instruments donated are put to great use; we refurbish all instruments into playing condition, and instruments damaged beyond repair parts are recycled into art, or parts are used to repair other instruments to be sold or donated. Your donation is tax-deductible for the value of the instrument.

Band Instruments In The Attic? Donate Them, Together We Can Make a Difference!

New & Used Music Instrument Donations

Musical Instruments Access

We provide music instruments to all level students. We are the only source in our area for reduced-price and free instrument rentals for those with qualifying financial circumstances.

Instrument Donation Program

There are thousands of band and musical instruments gathering dust across this country. Donate it and help students in need enjoy the gift of music

Musical Instrument Repair

We have a full-service repair shop to handle repairs on most instruments and electronics. Best of all, proceeds go directly to help provide instruments and music education for kids.

Supports Music Education

We provide music education not available to students k- 12 and are replacing school day music classes eliminated by most public schools, providing to students in grades k-5 with a beginner instrumental program.

Instrument Sales Program

We have a great selection of used instruments in our Clark Summit office, as well as our online stores. Purchases help provide vital funding for our instrument and education programs.

Musical Instrument Grants

We help students with special circumstances that don't have the opportunity to own a musical instrument and make music a part of their lives. Granting musical wishes shows how much we believe that Music Matters!

Thank you for your interest in supporting Making Music Matter For Kids

Musical Instrument Donation Application 
Making Music Matter For Kids Inc
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Thanks for your generosity! We will get back to you soon.

We apologize, but we are currently unable to accommodate upright, grand, or baby grand pianos due to space constraints. Please don't hesitate to reach out to us as we may be able to assist you in finding a new home for your piano. 

Making Music Matter For Kids accepts music instrument donations of virtually any type. Donate Electric or Acoustic Guitars, Percussion Instruments, Amplifiers, DJ or Pro Audio Equipment, Brass Instruments, Band & Orchestral Woodwind Instruments, digital pianos, Keyboards, and guitar parts & accessories. Top brands include Fender, Gibson, Gretsch, Ibanez, Korg, Ludwig, Martin, Pioneer, Roland, Selmer, Shure, Yamaha, Zildjian, Cecilio, and Bach. Helping a child to develop a talent or to learn the needed discipline to play is a great reason to donate a musical instrument but there are more reasons than that alone. Sometimes your musical instrument donation will help provide a family with the means to turn around the lives of those who have fallen on hard times. Donate a Music Instrument today and make a positive difference tomorrow.

Donate To Our Cause Music Is Something That All Children Should Be Able To Partake In!

Many schools have cut musical education from their curriculum because the musical instruments that are used in schools are very expensive and the budget just isn't there. With your generous musical instrument donation, new opportunities for learning become available to our children. Your donation of a musical instrument can open a door for these children and give them the opportunity that they might have never had. Create a lasting legacy by donating a musical instrument to benefit those in need. 

There are an estimated 3 million plus musical instruments in peoples closets no longer used in the USA alone. Imagine if they could be donated and given to a child to learn music. If you have a gently used musical instrument you no longer use please consider donating it. It does not have to be complete or new. We may be able to get it repaired and given to a child. Please consider sending it to us on the info requested below. Send us a message so we can connect with you regarding shipping arrangements,.

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