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Free Music Event Network!

Free personalized music networking community membership event forum. Free live stream events, videos, & Blog. Supports kids’ music education and help make music education free for kids. Personalized forum member page. Share and receive community articles, videos, pics, and events from our newsletter delivered to your inbox. A variety of viewable options. Forum topics on how to make a music video, make music online, make music free, free software to make music, create music groups, and create events on Facebook.

Our Members Rock

Create Your Own Exclusive Members Page

The Member's networking tools area is ideal to make music online free and engage visitors and create a community around you. Now that you are signed up to the Site Crew Members Page it's time to get creating your own personal page where you'll see all the information you will need to get started while getting to know other members. You can decide for yourself whether the page is public or private, and what info is visible. You're not confined to your page by default, you can create exclusive content only you have access to, or public so you’re available to all members or limit your audience to a select few, many other options to choose.

Back Stage Blog  

Back Stage Blog Pass - Free blog websites personalized music networking community, membership event forum. livestream events, videos, & Blog. Supports music education. Latest blog post on music news reviews, and the newest songs, artists, and album releases. Latest blog reviews on new music gear. Making Music Matter For Kids blogger update reports, announcements, and events. Songwriting blog post. The Back Stage Pass blog sites will be updating new information on music marketing and promotions. 

The Place Live, Livestreaming The USA

Doing It All In All New Ways

The Place Live- live streaming on youtube streaming media events simultaneously records and broadcasts streaming in real-time over the internet. Our free Livestream services encompass a wide variety of topics, from social media to video podcasts to professional music clinics live streaming facebook on Facebook Live, including streaming scheduled promotions and celebrity events as well as streaming between users, for videotelephony two-way organizational meetings. Members can interact in live streaming chat rooms to participate in conversations with other live streamers.

Using The Place Live’s shared live multimedia streaming media network among our organization members Social media live streaming as a means of communication helps reach our online audience." Users can follow their friends' live video "shares" as well as "shares" related to specific content through the website and find live media streams relevant to our content they are looking for. Live media coverage of various events and upcoming performances live streamed. Most importantly our live stream members help our cause and support our mission Making Music Matter For Kids. All proceeds of products sold help to motivate our audience and keep this channel running.

Facebook Watch video-on-demand service allows members to share our content live, and allows people to upload videos that cover a wide array of topics and news programming. Facebook Live allows users to include their own "reactions" and comments on the broadcast. Livestreams can be saved and creates a more intimate connection with our bands and fans.

Get Involved

Hook up with other site members, networking hub check out bands on the membership page, networking tips, share your next performance or live streaming events with us and the community, and inspire fans. Vote for your favorite band's upcoming event contests. Stay up to date to help people get involved with the latest networking news, and upcoming events. And most importantly help make music matter for our next generation of rockers. Let us keep all our members involved, engaged, and excited about music and all of the music education's amazing benefits for kids.

Fans and Band Coalition Supporting Music Education

Our coalition of bands and fans supporting kids’ music gets exclusive networking events event dates. Create a personal band page and bio listings for outdoor summer festivals and live-streaming podcast events at The Place Live. Join in on the interactive online forum and drum in on supporting children’s music education across the USA. Blogging and group sharing opinions, asking questions and thoughts. Behind-the-scenes social networking. In-store and online band merch sales. Professional video filming and sound editing production are available. The community forum and newsletter system.  Watch a cool video of "The Place Live."  

Join The Place Live live streaming websites, to live stream through The Power of Music Bringing Children's Music Supporters Together Across The USA. The Place Live is a Free membership interactive online support network for bands and fans. Thanks to Google's generous advertising grant we reach thousands of new children's music supporters, and fans across the USA. Free interactive networking membership website. The Place Live streaming on youtube and The Place Live to go live on Facebook video streaming live and new streaming services like livestreaming on Instagram, Zoom, and Twitch across the USA
Read More THE PLACE that makes music matter for kids

Here is where registered site members can hook up with other site members, receive badges for most valuable fan members, check out bands on the membership page, network, sign up for major artist live streaming and live event discounts. Vote for your favorite band in the upcoming battle of the bands event contest. Stay up to date to help people get involved with the latest news, upcoming events. And most importantly help our members get involved.
Here is where registered band members create a profile, and hook up with other site members. Check out other bands on the membership page to network and a place for musicians to collaborate with other site members, find other musicians, do session work, and receive badges. It’s also a place for engineers and producers who are available for hire. Sign up for live streaming events where we can record and edit your live stream broadcast performances and a chance to compete in the upcoming battle of the band's contest.  Stay updated with the latest news, and upcoming events. And most importantly help keep all our members involved with each other, engaged, and excited about music and all of the amazing benefits that music has to offer all of us.
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