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Mission Statement - Making Music Matter For Kids:

Through the power of music, we push to broaden the lives of young people for innovation based on passion, not income.

Making Music Matter For Kids, helping rad parents and music advocates across the Jersey Shore to ignite children’s learning with twenty-first-century state-of-the-art free to low-cost, music education strategies and community-engaged programs that work today.
By empowering passionate young people, fostering lasting improvement by emphasizing music’s amazing benefits, and supporting their talents. Through special events, donations, volunteers, and technical assistance. Broadening the lives of young people with an ongoing tangible list of exciting opportunities available to them that carry over into their lives for success.

Vision Statement: America Can Not Afford To Outsource Creativity:

Fret Whooper Making Music Matter For Kids Mascot, the ugly duvkling of music education

We are so over the fact of the severely outdated and the lack of creativity in our school's music education. We need young constructive imaginations.

America can not afford to outsource creativity. Most children are highly talented and creative who think they’re not because the thing they are good at school doesn’t value.For years music education funding cuts in public schools have always been on the rise. School boards and superintendents often cited economic strain as a justification for schools cutting music programs. School leaders and legislators need to stop throwing around words like “innovative” and “creative” and instead begin to model that behavior themselves; through creative scheduling and divorce from standardizing our kids in order to measure their growth. 

Value Statement - Making Music Matter For Kids:

Ownership Mentality - Committed To Our Craft - Optimize For Long Term Goals - Embrace Differences 

Ownership Mentality - Taking responsibility for outcomes and being empowered to make the decisions that will lead to those outcomes.  
Committed To Our Craft - Expanding our talents, our knowledge, and our techniques.
Optimize Long-Term Goals  - Principles for success, creative scheduling. 
Embrace Differences - Regular program to teach and encourage. Appreciate the differences between cultures and generations. Acknowledge diverse perspectives on issues. Make sure everyone is included in team discussions and decisions,

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Fret Whooper Making Music Matter For Kids Mascot, the ugly duvkling of music education
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