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Making Music Matter For Kids Mission Statement:

Through the power of music, we push to broaden the lives of young people for innovation based on passion, not income.

MMMFK fosters lasting improvement empowers passionate young people, by emphasizing music's amazing benefits and a strong focus on supporting their talents. Through special events, donations, volunteers, and technical assistance. Broadening the lives of young people with an ongoing tangible list of exciting opportunities available to them that carry over into their lives for success.

Making Music Matter For Kids Vision Statement:

Making Music Matter For Kids Mascot Frets Whooper

America can't afford to outsource creativity, it's our responsibility to make music programs hard to cut and keep music alive in our schools.

For years music education funding cuts in public schools have always been on the rise. School boards and superintendents often cited economic strain as a justification for schools cutting music programs. Some superintendents and school boards cut music programs because of weak programs, along with a lack of support from parents, which makes music an easy target, especially when budgets are tight.

Making Music Matter For Kids Value Statement:

Ownership Mentality - Committed To Our Craft - Optimize For Long Term Goals - Embrace Differences 

Ownership Mentality - Taking responsibility for outcomes and being empowered to make the decisions that will lead to those outcomes.  

Committed To Our Craft - Expanding our talents, our knowledge, and our techniques.

Optimize Long-Term Goals  - Principles for success, creative scheduling. 

Embrace Differences - Regular program to teach and encourage employees to appreciate the differences between cultures and generations. Acknowledge diverse perspectives on issues. Make sure everyone is included in team discussions and decisions,

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