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Music Powers the American Economy

Music's on the rise, powering the American economy. Unleash the power of music education and take back national standards, its time we insist that our school leaders and legislators stop throwing around words like “innovative” and “creative” and instead begin to model that behavior themselves; through creative scheduling and stop standardizing our kids in order to measure their growth. 

With America's new legislation for music education, and the huge spike in the music industry in 2022, 7% higher than post-pandemic. It's time to put music education back in the classrooms for kids and use all of the music benefits to support their talents. Promote change and support music.

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Mature children passionate about music have been put through the grind. It's time to enlighten our kids, tutor, edify, nurture and show them the ropes. Improve and exercise school music education, and inform the masses, we all know the music education quotes, it is time for action together let's brief the benefits, explain the importance, and drum into the power of America's music economy for kids.

It's time to cultivate music, instruct, civilize, and foster our kid's passion for music. Let in on, developed, and rear music education. Coach the nation and put the hip back into music education across the United States. Discipline music educators, train, drill, and model creative scheduling Stop standardizing and brainwashing our kids in order to measure their growth.

We know that the music economy fuels job creation, economic growth, tourism development, and artistic growth, and strengthens a city's brand. We hope you join us to help build stronger communities across the USA that'll attract highly skilled young workers in all sectors for whom the quality of life is a priority, and attracts business investment. There is nothing like music as a means to connect people, bridge linguistic and cultural divides, and provide an avenue for identity and expression. Music is a transformative experience collectively, the music ecosystem generates rich social, cultural, and economic benefits.

Making Music Matter For Kids identifies the essential elements for an effective strategy to enhance the country's economy. Here is a report from  RIAA-The Recording Industry Association of America on what the united states economy news looked like from 2021 and the news on the united states economy for 2022 and 2023, reports that the danger US economy collapsing. The Place live@ Electric Music City is preparing a roadmap for our kids' music education as well as building relationships with music community leaders officials and elected office holders to develop a comprehensive music strategy for municipalities and remedy recommendations to support low-income communities and provide music education through grants and scholarship funding.

Goldman Sachs raises its music industry revenue forecasts to $153bn by 2030. Goldman Sachs has boosted its estimates by 7% for 2022, by 5% for 2023, and by 10% for 2030. The predictions cover the entire music industry: recorded music, publishing, and live music.  Goldman Sachs has upped its prediction for 2022 from $81.6bn to $87.6bn; for 2023 from $90.7bn to $94.9bn; and for 2030 from $139.7bn to $153bn. This is gross revenues: money for rightsholders and music services alike. Goldman Sachs Group leading global investment banking

THE PLACE LIVE is an Online Membership for musicians, music fans, and the music industry community, working together to accelerate the economy's growth and identify and eliminate barriers. Small or large all cities have the potential to have a vibrant music economy. . Building support for broader infrastructure conducive to the sectors and music education for kids is just one piece of the puzzle. but a big one. 

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Coming Soon THE PLACE LIVE - Live streaming the USA @ Electric Music City Studio - Coming soon Making a Scene live online music streaming for fans and bands. Bringing an online community of supporters working together interactively for children's rights to better music education through a podcast support network, bands, and fans sharing the latest news on upcoming shows and events. Blogging and group sharing opinions, asking questions and thoughts. Behind-the-scenes social networking. In-store and online band merch sales. Professional video filming and sound editing live band production available. Bio listings for bands and fans members. A community forum and newsletter system. Catch us on The Place Live on Facebook Live Stream Events and The Place going Live on YouTube. 

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Furthering Our Cause Is Most Important

Making Music Matter for Kids has had to rethink the setup, the production, and the entire approach to live social gathering events and recreate "The Place" and created Electric Music City Studio. A live performance & media production studio. We encourage people to envision the vast audience never anticipated through virtual live-stream concerts and experience the personal connection like no other. While nothing takes the place of live events, it will be interesting to see how streaming events will coexist with live.
MMMFK is creating a free interactive membership network for musicians, bands, and fans to come together across the USA. Thanks to Google's generous monthly advertising grant MMMFK is able to reach thousands of new supporters to help in making music matter for kids across the USA.

Furthering our cause is the most important goal of our organization. We seek to support, empower, and provide high-quality resources to our community in a safe and secure environment. Our success isn’t measured in terms of wealth or profit margin, but by the value we provide to those we serve.

Why It's Important To Become A Member And Join!

Sadly enough for years, music classes have been the ugly ducklings of schools' curricula, the last courses to be added and first to be cut. Music has always taken second place in traditional academic classes. Music however has been proved to be extremely beneficial time and time again, from the undeniable improvement in grades regarding traditional academic classes and the growing remarks from music students everywhere. In an ever-changing world, America can not afford to cut the arts, without creative minds the rest is pointless. Music education is a required component in all school districts but not mandated in many states and while its proven to provide many academic, social, and personal benefits sadly enough it still is not!

Electric Music City is developing a proactive community of advocate supporters for children's music: teachers, parents, school officials, and community leaders to help advance in the support to highlight outstanding efforts in music and art education for creative young people. Working together to foster lasting improvement & empower passionate young people by emphasizing on music's amazing benefits and a strong focus on supporting their talents. We must not outsource creativity, making sure that all children have access to the arts and music education based on passion not income.

MMMFK invites bands, artists and musicians to become a member @The Place for live streaming and social media platforms to help all musicians continue to play live and connect with fans with personal aspects of a live performance event. Planning and coordinating a live stream concert takes just as much, even more in some cases, because we need to ensure everything goes smoothly virtually and fulfill the exciting thrill that live concerts create.

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The experience of traditional concerts has always been exclusive, it has been that way forever and will never go away, but it also has been that way and virtual concerts have not until the countries shut down due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  It will be very interesting to see how the two will coexist with each other and continue to excite the fans.

The Place is the ultimate new community for music entertainment and current events on the web. Get updates on the latest music news, music videos, and music releases from your favorite bands and artists. Current music news, artist interviews, album reviews, and music industry news. Visit the website to get the latest reviews, singles, and upcoming events @ The Place that is Making Music Matter For Kids.

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Thank you for your patients, planning to build and coordinate a live stream concert has taken as much, even more in some cases to ensure that everything goes as smoothly virtually and fulfills the exciting thrill that live concerts create.



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