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Membership Rocks!

 Membership video, access to event forum, and blog page. Exclusive band and artists' virtual online events showcase across the USA @ THE PLACE LIVE EVENTS, live online with Making Music Matter For Kids' massive fan base of supporters. Get the latest news straight to your inbox on upcoming shows and events from our newsletter system. Behind-the-scenes social networking, in-store and online band merch sales.

Professional video filming and sound editing live band production available. Bio listings for bands and fan members.. Group forums sharing opinions, blogging, podcasting asking questions, and sharing thoughts. Join us when we are live Streaming events at THE PLACE LIVE on Facebook, YouTube, and Electric Music City Studio and Making Music Matter For Kids on Google, Our network of online community supporters working together interactively for children's rights to better music education through our podcast support group across the USA.

Broadening children's lives, and accelerating the benefits of music across the USA. Furthering our cause is our top priority. 

THE PLACE LIVE  proactive community-based coalition of advocate supporters - teachers, parents, school officials, community leaders musicians, music fans, and the music industry community, working together to accelerate the economy's growth and identify and eliminate barriers. Help to advance the support to highlight outstanding efforts in music and art education for creative young people. Working together to foster lasting improvement & empower passionate young people by emphasizing music's amazing benefits and a strong focus on supporting their talents. We must not outsource creativity, making sure that all children have access to the arts and music education based on passion, not income. For more info on how to get involved

Video studio recording, video editing, podcasting, live stream, and analog recording studio. High-end audio and multi-camera video production for live performances, podcasting/vlogging, instructional teaching, and corporate meetings/events. MMMFK is expanding its production line to full analog recording and video editing production for live music video shoots and is a go-to for filming, television, and advertising industries. With the new soundproof performance and production Studio, EMC Studios can offer a unique location where production companies and artists can film, record audio, and edit/master all under one roof and is conveniently located in Clarks Summit PA. The goal is to offer professional high-quality sound and video production services that are dynamic, creative, and professional, at the most competitive price. At EMC Studio there are many settings to choose from, including a dedicated high-speed upload Internet and professional lighting/backdrops, and in-house. live Streaming.

The Place Live

The Place Live

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Thanks for supporting our mission.  Making Music Matter for Kids Inc. is a development coalition of advocate supporters for children's music and aims to build a vibrant music economy that drives value, and attracts talent, and businesses. Investing for the future.

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