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Giving Tuesday Event 

Unleash the power of music and make a Kids' charity the reason to give big this giving season.  Giving Tuesday, November 28th the day of Making Music Matter For Kids unleashes the power of charity. Join us for a radical week of generosity around the country. Donate This #GivingTuesday, Your Generosity Makes the World a Better Place

Unleash The Power of Charity 

Making Music Matter For Kids, A Great Reason To Give Big This Giving Tuesday, Giving Tuesday The National Day of Giving

 It is not just about making a donation, it's about making a difference What if with your donation there was one activity that could benefit every student in every school across the nation? An activity that could improve grades and scores on standardized testing? An activity that would allow students to form lasting friendships? An activity that would help students become more disciplined and confident?

Join us this #GivingTuesday, and help ensure that every child has access and opportunity to participate in an active music program by making a gift to Making Music Matter For Kids.

Fortunately, there is such an activity. Unfortunately, many schools will not make it a part of their curriculum, due to funding and scheduling. This activity is something that everyone is aware of, but not everyone has a chance to participate in. This activity is music, and with your generosity will help make the world a better place this #GivingTuesday.Join us this #GivingTuesday, we make giving back fun and easy! Together, we make giving the center of the season!

There Are Many Ways To Join Us This Giving Season 

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What Is Giving Tuesday

#GivingTuesday unleashes the power of radical generosity around the world this #GivingSeason. While many call on philanthropists, policymakers, and grantmakers to repair broken systems, GivingTuesday recognizes that we each can drive an enormous amount of positive change by rooting our everyday actions, decisions, and behavior in radical generosity—the concept that the suffering of others should be as intolerable to us as our suffering. Radical generosity invites people in to give what they can to create systemic change. Every Tuesday, our big celebration event, will take place on November 28, 2023.

Join us the Tuesday after Thanksgiving and celebrate the generosity and kindness that are taking place all around the world. While Black Friday and Cyber Monday start the buying season, #GivingTuesday starts off the giving season. #GivingTuesday a social media celebration stylized as #GivingTuesday for hashtag activism. Many people post online about their favorite causes and advocate for people to give, a global movement of generosity unleashing the power of people, and organizations that transform their communities and the world.

Donate to Making Music Matter For Kids, and help us finish the year strong. While there is a multitude of organizations to donate to on #GivingTuesday there are very few supporting children's music. We ask that you join us on #GivingTuesday. Not only will your donation positively impact a child's advocacy, but your initiative efforts to support the Making Music Matter For Kids mission also work to provide our supporters the recognition that they deserve and believe that all students deserve access to participate in music programs, based on passion, not income no matter their socioeconomic status.

The power of music is immense and highly beneficial to students. Research has shown over and over the positive impact, it has on a child's academic performance. Improves cognition and academic achievement, performance outcomes such as higher GPAs and higher graduation rates. Music increases decision-making, collaboration, creativity, communication, critical thinking, and emotional awareness. Not only does music positively affect students' academic achievement, but also schools, communities, the economy, and society. Why then is music the first to get cut and the last to be added? While other countries exceed in technology and financial growth, the USA continues to rely on 18th-century music education in the 21 century. Music education is proven to boost learning yet schools continue to make cuts and outsource creativity. We need constructive imagination and make sure every child has access to music in the USA.

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