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Employee Giving Program

Making Music Matter For Kids Offers Employees a Simple Ways To Start an Employer’s Giving Program At Your Workplace, Start One Today.

Donate It not just about making a donation, its about making a difference,
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Why Music Matters

What if with your donation there was one activity that could benefit every student in every school across the nation? An activity that could improve grades and scores on standardized testing? An activity that would allow students to form lasting friendships? An activity that would help students become more disciplined and confident?
Fortunately, there is such an activity. Unfortunately, many schools will not make it a part of their curriculum, due to issues of funding and scheduling. This activity is something that everyone is aware of, but not everyone has a chance to participate in. This activity is music and your donation makes it possible to make music matter for kids. 

The National School Boards Association and Americans for the Arts found that young people enrolled in intensive arts programs are more likely to be recognized for school attendance, academic achievement, student government, creative writing math, and science fairs.“The worst thing that could happen to public education would be to cut music/art classes said member of the PSEA Board of Directors and chair of the PSEA Fine Arts Caucus.  “Employers are looking for creative young people when recruiting for 21st century jobs. Young people exposed to the arts will be better positioned to get these jobs. We can't outsource creativity; we must make sure that all students have access to arts and music education. The link between arts and academic achievement also appears in the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (No Child Left Behind) passed by Congress in 2002. The legislation includes arts education as a “core academic subject.”  The Pennsylvania School Code states that students should receive arts and music courses, though they are not mandated.

Share With Your Colleagues An Employee Giving Program At Your Workplace

You Want To Start An Employee Giving Program At Your Workplace? We Can Help

If your company doesn't already have an employee giving campaign and you'd like to start one, complete the form below and we send you the info on how to get started and help you along the prosses 

Employee Giving Program At Your Workplace

Making Music Matter For Kids fan appreciation event
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Thank You!

 There's Many Ways Your Employer’s Giving Programs Product or Cash Donation Can Help

Donations can generally take two forms cash or product donations. With your cash donations, your company donates money to our non-profit within a certain budget they’ve allocated for giving back. With product donations, companies donate needed goods and services rather than cash. For example, Client Panera Bread has a program called Panera Gives, where they donate either a certificate for food or fresh bakery products to our non-profit when we have charitable events. They also run one called Day-End Doughnation, which donates unsold bakery and bread items to organizations.The receiving organizations are at liberty to do what they want with the donations provided. Both kinds of donations are a way for companies to support and give back to their local communities as well as build meaningful brand impressions. These donations can come in big or small sizes, as are the companies that donate them and MMMFK is great full to all that donate big or small and use the resources wisely.

Companies Seeking To Make A Particular Impact In Our Local & National Community Through Grants

Making Music Matter For Kids is a certified 501c3 Nonprofit Organization seeking capacity building grants for general purpose and or operational support to help strengthen MMMFK organization’s infrastructure, management and governance.

Other companies and or organizations interested in granting MMMFK programmatic grant program that are tied into a particular MMMFK program and or project to support our specific cause. If your business or organization believes MMMFK is tied into your particular brand and is a good fit, we are requesting that you contact us for your grants requirements to meet your specific criteria and deadlines here: Making Music Matter For Kids Inc.

Why Your Sponsorship Is Important  

Why event sponsorship, marketing and partnering is key to our organization’s success!  Throughout our years MMMFK has learned in order to keep something we must give it away! A company's Sponsorship is much more than just a means of financial support, its a direct channel of communication and building on relationships. Making Music Matter For Kids is offering a free fan appreciation event August 21 and continues working towards a series of higher caliber festival and successful events for the Summer of 2022. While we continue to provide our community's families and their children with music programs and live stream and live events we look forward to the the opportunity to place your businesses trust in Making Music Matter For Kids marketing strategies.

The Power of Partnership

The power of partnership combined with the power of music for kids is the perfect fit. Aligning your company with Making Music Matter For Kids mission can bring great joy to your employees and customers. Together, we can provide music to less fortunate children through a variety of custom activations. 

Sponsor An Event 

Our Service Your Brand

A company's Sponsorship is much more than just a means of financial support, its a direct channel of communication and building relationships to reach an environment that matches each others lifestyle. Getting the most out of our service and your brand requires a mix of elements & suitable sponsors. it's about bringing your brand or product to life.

Cause Related  Marketing 

What We Offer

All new production studio & live streaming events across the USA  @ "The Place Live" Multi-camera video & audio production, live performances sponsored by Google advertising, Live Nation and Ticketmaster. Video filming, sound editing, music video shoots, podcasting/vlogging and a go-to for affordable filming for television, instructional teaching and corporate meetings.

MMMFK website attracts 2,000 to 3,000 site visitors each month thanks to Google's most generous monthly advertising grant - Increase Your Businesses Market Share - Face-to-Face Interaction with Customers and Leads - Enhance your image through community involvement and event association - Networking Opportunities - Meet your marketing goals and build employee engagement - Establish presence in the community - MMMFK owns the cool factor it is what makes us unique. Our compelling mission and your must-have product is what will make your brand distinct from everyone else. We love the warm fuzzes we get from hobnobbing and participating in events, we are more the cool factor, We need our sponsors to stay frosty.

In-store promotions, Social Media Contests, SWAG, Name an Area of the Event or Program, Do something interactive, Bring a cool display - Employee Volunteers, What are your ideas? The options are unlimited! 

Host A Fundraising Charity Event

 Sponsor Levels

NOTE: Package benefits may vary based upon availability at time of contract date.

Title Corporate Sponsor  - This level is for businesses that want maximum local and national exposure. This is the highest level of sponsorship. Event naming rights and the highly desirable benefit of industry exclusivity. Includes 10 VIP Backstage Passes, frontrow reserved seats, band meet and greet, 4 on-site parking pass • Your logo center stage on banner gets first priority. Banner provided by MMMFK • On-air commercials ( audio & video recording provided by Electric Music City Productions ) • Social media presence and corporate acknowledgment. Marketing materials including print advertising, posters, event banners and T shirts, Corporate logo on MMMFK studio lobbies TV and link on all MMMFK broadcasting live streaming event commercials social media, cross marketing and website • Front page logo - brought to you by - your logo and full page, program listing, page of your choice Corporate logo on all MMMFK e-mail blasts.



Gold $2,000 - Includes 4 VIP Backstage Passes, front row reserved seating, meet and greet band, 2 on-site parking passes • Center stage, high visibility location banner placement, banner provided by MMMFK • On-air mentions • Social Media mentions • Full page program listing • Corporate logo on the MMMFK Sponsorship page linking to sponsor web site • MMMFK Social Media mentions



Silver $1,000 - 4 front row reserved seats • Logo displayed on banner, Band meet & greet, On-air mentions on The Place live streaming the USA • Corporate logo on the MMMFK e-mail blast • Corporate logo on the MMMFK Sponsorship page linking to sponsor web site • MMMFK Social Media mentions Event Program listing



Bronze $500 - 2 front row reserved seating • Corporate logo on MMMFK Sponsor page • Event Program listing • MMMFK Social Media mentions


Music Fan - $100 - Event Program listing


Customized Packages - Not seeing the the best fit for your goals and budget? Let us help! Don’t see that perfect fit, give us your idea we can match benefits to find what’s right for you.

Become A Corporate Partner

 Corporate Giving Programs

Your company or organization can help us continue our programs mission by helping Making Music Matter For Kids broaden the lives of children by teaching good habits that carry over into their lives, their work and expose new opportunities for success.  The Foundation of the organization produces tangible, ongoing  and positive results.  Fostering lasting improvement in society, with an emphasis on supporting and empowering children with the great many benefits of music. 

Matching Gift Programs

This type of corporate giving program is a great way for organizations to let individual employees be apart of the donation process. Companies who apply matching gift programs promise to contribute to the same nonprofit as the employee, typically matching their donation dollar for dollar. This type of program engages the employee and can improve employee retention, which often becomes the company’s justification for funding them.

Volunteer Grant Programs

Double up your volunteering time with your employers matching donation program

In a volunteer grant program, the company promises to provide a donation to eligible nonprofits when their employees volunteer. For example, Google provides $50 grants for every 5 hours an employee volunteers. This not only allows companies to donate to nonprofits that employees care about, but it also encourages employees to take action, which is sometimes what a nonprofit needs most.

Volunteer grant programs are the perfect opportunity for organizations to contribute financially where their employees that might not have the funds to do. This program also improves employee morale and makes employees feel like the company supports their efforts. Nonprofits also benefit because they essentially get two for the price of one—donations and volunteers.

Double up your volunteering time with your employers matching donation program

M.M.M.F.K would not exist without our donors and volunteers. Be a part of an exciting and rewarding team. Volunteers are needed for events and fundraisers. Volunteering is important, contributing to our healthy and vibrant community. M.M.M.F.K sees volunteering as ordinary people doing extraordinary things. Long term positions (Volunteer coordinators and scheduling) Day of events and fundraisers (ticket sales, raffles, security, parking, stage hands & VIP area.

Fundraising Matching Program

Fundraising match programs are another type of corporate giving in which a company will match funds raised by an employee for a fundraising activity, including runs, walks, and biking events.

Learn More About Workplace Giving

Interested in giving to MMMFK through your employer?

Search to see if your employer matches donations.

Many companies offer an employee giving program in their workplace. To find out if your company has a program and how to support MMMFK, please contact your Corporate Social Responsibility or Human Resources department. Thanks for your interest in giving through your workplace! 

How to have your gift matched

Step 1: If you've recently made a donation, skip to Step 2. Or, make a donation to MMMFK today.

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You can mail donations (checks and money orders) to: Making Music Matter For Kids Inc. 336 South State Street Clarks Summit Pennsylvania 18411 

Step 2: Search to see if your employer matches gifts to Making Music Matter For Kids or contact your employers Social Responsibility or Human Resources department.

Step 3: Follow the instructions, specific to your employer, to have your gift matched.

Your Company Would Like To Feature MMMFK During Your Employers Giving Campaign 

We would enjoy helping support your employee-giving efforts and promoting MMMFK in your workplace.  Email us at  Let us know how we can help share our mission @ Making Music Matter For Kids with your employers.

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