Making Music Matter For Kids August 2022 TBA

For years, music classes have been the ugly ducklings of school curriculums the last courses to be added, the first courses to be cut. They have always taken second place in traditional academic classes. Music, however, has proved itself to be extremely beneficial time and time again, from the undeniable improvement in grades regarding traditional academic classes to the glowing remarks from music students everywhere. In an ever-changing world, the addition of music education in schools needs to be next on the academic agenda.  Music education should be a required component in all schools due to the proven academic, social, and personal benefits that it provides.

Join The Electric Music City Development team. A proactive community-based coalition of advocate supporters - teachers, parents, school officials, and community leaders to help advance in the support to highlight outstanding efforts in music and art education for creative young people. Working together to foster lasting improvement & empower passionate young people by emphasizing on music's amazing benefits and a strong focus on supporting their talents. We must not outsource creativity, making sure that all children have access to the arts and music education based on passion not income. For more info how to get involved

Thanks for supporting our mission.  Making Music Matter for Kids Inc. is a development coalition of advocate supporters for children's music and aims to build a vibrant music economy that drives value, attracts talent, and businesses. Investing for the future.

Electric Music City Saturdays Making A Scene

Making a Scene @ The Place Live Music Saturdays 6-8 PM Eastern Time (ET)

Join Us @ The Place Live. Together Through The Power Of Music Bringing Children's Music Su
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Making a Scene @ The Place Live Music Saturday 6-8 PM. Electric Music City Consignments 25% Off All Music Gear, New Student Registrations & More.

The Place Live invites you to be a part of Making a Scene Saturdays. Fans & Bands live & streaming Saturday events. Bands and fans register free 

The Place Live” is an interactive online support network for bands and fans sharing the latest news on upcoming shows and events. Blogging and group sharing opinions, asking questions and thoughts. Behind the scenes social networking. In-store and online band merch sales. Professional video filming and sound editing production available. Bio listings for bands and fans members. The community forum and newsletter system.


Mom & Dad If you are looking for a safe and healthy hangout for your young people, The Place that's Making Music Matter For Kids Teen Night is for you. Children and their friends can enjoy a night of creative and healthy music activity & social fun.

Teen night comes alive every 2nd Saturday. Battle of the bands, Lip Sync Battles, Games and special events.

Making Music Matter For Kids apologizes to our fans for the Clarks Summit Boroughs' lack of responsibility. The boroughs council meeting on 8/25/21 Insults and discrimination against our organization's integrity, undermining the mission to support children in NEPA, wasting thousands of dollars and valuable time is not excusable.  

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