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Helping rad parents across the Jersey Shore ignite their children's learning with twenty-first-century state-of-the-art music education. Community engaged comprehensive performing arts studio volunteer reward program strategy for musicians, business owners and community members within Middlesex, Monmouth, Ocean, Atlantic and Cape May Counties. Programs that work in today's modern world of music education through the power of music.


Rock School - School of Music


Welcome! We're thrilled that you're here, and we can't wait to tell you all about our brand new Comprehensive Community Engaged Music Education Program Rock School, a music education program that started Making Music Matter For Kids 501c3 nonprofit organization back in 2016 that has been providing free to low cost music education throughout North East Pennsylvania and is now in your backyard at the Jersey Shore.

Project Rock School - School of Music: Jersey Shore's first Comprehensive Community-Engaged Music Education Program performing arts studio for the Jersey Shore community. Supporting local low income, and high income families music education for kids based on passion not income, local musicians, businesses and community members that are looking to accelerate their economy's growth, identify and eliminate barriers through the power of music.

Stay Informed of Rock Schools Progress

Join Us - While we are getting the bugs out stay informed on how you can get involved by becoming a Rock School Crew Members podcasts, live streaming, and daily community social media posts to support. Don't miss out on the fun - hit that free membership button and join us in making a difference! Thank you for your interest and support. Excitedly, Lance Miley.

 "Rock School Bennies . The greatest reward is helping dad parents Rocker Moms and Dads ignite their children’s learning. Volunteer opportunities, membership live & live stream website events. Musicians shared resources and costs, community support, collaborative opportunities, marketing access, board member Opportunity, Full Time Employment Opportunity and Volunteer Opportunity

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Making Music Matter For Kids Inc, is committed to furthering our mission by creating a vibrant and inclusive music community, and successfully establishing a music space that serves the needs of the community and musicians in our local area. This is why we are rallying together a radical crew of advocate supporters with one mission and that is to help inspire and make music available to all children, ignite learning based on passion, and not income, saving the music one child at a time, and make learning music cool.


Join The Revolution:

Become a Rock School Crew Member and be a Part of Something Extraordinary: Be part of a movement that's redefining the way musicians rehearse, record, and connect. Together we can create magic

Shared Resources and Costs

A major advantage is the ability to share resources like rehearsal/recording spaces, equipment, instruments, and other expenses that can be costly for individual musicians. By pooling resources, members can have access to our high-quality facility and music gear at a much lower cost.

Collaborative Opportunities

Facilitate collaboration between members for songwriting, recording projects, performances, and more. This allows musicians to easily find new creative partners and expand their networks.

Music Community Support

Facilitate collaboration between members for songwriting, recording projects, performances, and more. This allows musicians to easily find new creative partners and expand their networks.

Access to New Markets

By banding together, members can tap into Making Music Matter For Kids advertising marketing efforts, contacts, and reach to access new audiences, performance opportunities, and revenue streams that may be difficult to tap into individually.

 Board Member Opportunity

Musicians and Music Educators

  • Professional musicians (performers, composers, conductors, etc.)

  • Music teachers from local schools or private instructors

  • Retired music educators with extensive experience

Community Leaders and Advocates

  • Local elected officials or policymakers passionate about arts/music education

  • Representatives from complementary community organizations (arts councils, youth development nonprofits, etc.)

  • Advocates for underserved communities the nonprofit aims to support

Business and Legal Professionals

  • Attorneys or legal experts to ensure compliance and governance

  • Financial experts (accountants, bankers, investment advisors) for fiscal oversight

  • Marketing/PR professionals to raise awareness and promote the nonprofit

Passionate Volunteers and Donors

  • Dedicated volunteers already engaged with the nonprofit's programs

  • Major donors or philanthropists aligned with the music education mission

  • Parents of students benefiting from the nonprofit's services

Nonprofit Management Experts

  • Individuals with prior experience on nonprofit boards, especially in arts/education

  • Professionals with expertise in nonprofit operations, fundraising, strategic planning, etc.

Join us as we work towards achieving our goal to accelerate our community, economy growth and identify and eliminate barriers through the power of music. Making Music Matter For Kids is creating a proactive community-based coalition of advocate supporters
( teachers, parents, school officials, community leaders musicians, music fans, and the music industry community) to help advance the support and highlight outstanding efforts in music education for creative young people. Working together to foster lasting improvement & empower passionate young people by emphasizing music's amazing benefits and a strong focus on supporting their talents. We must not outsource creativity, making sure that all children have access to music education based on passion, not income.

Full Time Employment Opportunity

Exciting news! Rock School is looking for talented individuals to join their team as a Drum Instructor, Keyboard Instructor, Guitar Instructor, and Bass Guitar Instructor. If you have vocal and can instruct multiple instruments, that's a huge plus! And don't forget, candidates must also have business skills. This is an amazing opportunity to share your passion for music and help aspiring musicians reach their full potential.

Volunteer Opportunity

Administrative Support

  • Administrative Assistant: Helping with clerical tasks, data entry, and office management

  • Translator or Interpreter: Helping to communicate with diverse communities or translating materials

  • Technical Support: Assisting with IT needs, maintaining the website, or helping with software

  • Professional Support: Assisting with human resources, accounting, or other professional aspects

Fundraising and Outreach

  • Fundraiser: Actively seeking donations, grants, or sponsorships and running fundraising campaigns

  • Community Outreach Ambassador: Representing the organization at community events, fairs, and public platforms

  • Advocate or Lobbyist: Representing the organization's mission and interests at a political or policy-making level

Event Support

  • Event Coordinator: Helping plan event details, acquire in-kind donations for attendees and staff appreciation

  • Event Decorator: Creating visually engaging displays and ambiance

  • Event Support: Greeting guests, handing out materials, engaging with participants

  • Photographer/Videographer: Providing photography and videography support

Music Program Support

  • Accompanist: Providing piano accompaniment for student concerts and rehearsals

  • Classroom Assistant: Helping music teachers with classroom management and activities

  • Equipment Maintenance: Maintaining and repairing musical instruments and equipment

Other Opportunities

  • Office Internships: Substantive work experience in various areas of the nonprofit

  • Group Volunteering: Corporate or community groups helping with tasks like classroom setup

  • Donation Drives: Collecting gently used music equipment and supplies

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