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Music Lessons, Pricing Plans

Free to low-cost cutting-edge result-driven live performance-based music education. We leave no child left behind, regardless of Income. Free first music lesson, grants available to qualified low-income families. Lessons are half an hour once a week. Free registration and no long-term contract. 

Making Music Matter For Kids 21st century music education makes learning fun and exciting.  In today's modern world of acclaimed music programs, we provide young people with the tools they need for success. Students master the basics while playing music they enjoy. Songs are chosen to highlight the skills needed to build a strong foundation on a respective student's musical instrument. After a few weeks of lessons most students are ready for the challenge of a live performance and are encouraged to take part in all of our programs!

Choose Your Pricing Plan

  • Kids Lessons

    Every month
     1 day free trial
    • * Reserved Monthly Appointment
    • * Easily Reschedule Appointment
    • * Exclusive Site Member Student Discounts & Upcoming Events
    • * MMMFK Phone App Makes Scheduling & Payments A Snap
    • * Sibling Discounts
  • Best Value

    Kids Lesson Discount

    Yearly Discount Plan
    Valid for one year
    • * Saves Time & Money
    • * Great for Invested Intermediate & Advanced Students
    • * Great For Families on a Budget
  • Sibling Discounts

    Every month
    $90 Per Student-10% Saving
     1 day free trial
    • $180 Pricing Plan for two Students
    • 30 Minute Per Student
    • No Risk Free Trial Cancel At Anytime
  • On Tour-Members Only

    Lifetime Membership With Lessons
    • 2 Hour Weekly Band Rehearsal
  • Kids Monthly On-Tour

    Every month
    Great for beginners
    • Rock Schools "On Tour" Program
  • Adult Lessons

    Every month
    Monthly Adult Lessons
     1 day free trial
    • * Weekly Private Lessons
    • * Trained Working Instructors
    • * Online Discounts Rescheduling and Payment Phone App
  • Adult Discount Plan

    Yearly Discount
    Valid for one year
    • * Suggested for Intermediate & Advanced Invested Students
    • * Great For Adults on a Budget
    • * Saves Time & Money
  • Yearly On Tour

    Every month
    2 Hour Weekly Band Rehearsal
    Valid for 12 months
    • Weekly Band Rehearsal and Events
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