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Doing it all, in all new ways! 

The Music Never Stops

Music  Matters  For  Kids  2022  Summer  Event  Volunteers  Wanted

Volunteers Are Our Biggest Fans.....

A vibrant volunteering community with ongoing interaction - Access to a diverse range of events -Access to training and orientation sessions - A progression route through volunteer management training to become a Team leader - Long term recognition - Skill development  - Volunteer gatherings - A platform for ideas and input into future events - Satisfaction and social gratitude of helping others. Hands on work experience for students (references provided if requested) - Lots of fun \m/

MMMFK operates with a small staff, but there are many ways your time and talents can help bring the world to our community.  MMMFK is always seeking volunteers to assist with bringing our mission to life — please review our list of current volunteer opportunities to see how you can get involved with a program, event, or behind the scenes.

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Our committees will need to devote extra volunteer time to help plan and execute particular aspects of this years project.  Committee volunteers take a leadership role in helping staff ensure that infrastructure needs are carefully thought out in advance, that necessary acquisitions are made, and that the best procedures and guidelines are in place for both volunteers and patrons.  Time commitments vary by committee; in general, committees start meeting in the months or weeks prior to the Festival, and members have tasks during Festival weekend as well as during event follow-up.

 Volunteer Leaders 

Sign up for any of the following volunteer Committees,  Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis until the position is filled.  Any other question use the contact board below .

 Concert Manager

Job Description: Manages event, oversees all activities and volunteers. Making sure all the day-to-day operations for the event runs smoothly. 

Marketing Director 

Director of Marketing, Marketing Manager Job Description: Coordinates marketing campaigns, oversees public relations and advertising department, develops budgets.

Assisting the Volunteer Coordinator /Concert Manager in recruiting, training, and managing volunteers for MMMFK events, including tabling events and running festival orientations.  

Responsible for identifying the physical event needs and creating/managing a plan for upcoming events. 

Chair person assist with Marketing Director with marketing communications and activities related to the Foundation’s core programs and events, fundraising efforts, and general engagement with the public and stakeholders.

 Music Photographer 

Concert Photographer, House Photographer, Photographer Job Description: A Music Photographer shoots live concerts, musician portraits and band promo photos.

 Sound & Lighting Technician 

Resident Sound Technician Job Description: Sets up and uses soundboard and other sound equipment during concerts or performances, ensuring that levels are correct and the sound mix is right. Lighting Te