Making Music Matter For Kids Inc. 501c3 Nonprofit Organization. Advocates for low-income and disadvantaged youth. 21-century music and the acclaimed benefits that only music can provide. 

NEPA's Only 501c3 Nonprofit music Organization For Kids.REVOLUTIONIZING MUSIC EDUCATION

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Doing it all, in all-new ways  

MMMFK is doing It all, In all-new ways!  Through these difficult times, we are achieving more with our initiatives than ever before. With many new exciting projects underway to help improve the lives of others. We are very proud of the progress we continue to make. Learn more about what we do, whom we help, and how we work every day to promote positive change.

America can't afford to outsource creativity

MMMFK fosters lasting improvement and empowers passionate young people, by emphasizing on music's amazing benefits and a strong focus on supporting their talents. Through special events, donations, volunteers, and technical assistance. Broadening the lives of young people with an ongoing tangible list of exciting opportunities available to them that carry over into their lives for success.

What if with your donation there was one activity that could benefit every student in every school, improve grades allow students to form lasting friendships, and become more disciplined and confident? Fortunately, many schools will not make it a part of their curriculum. This activity is music. MMMFK's mission is to broaden the lives of all children across the USA by teaching good habits that carry over into their lives, work, and exposing new opportunities for success through the power of music.

  Music Education Based On Passion Not Income

Happy Pride Month, Celebrating Pride Month
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* Electric Music City Studio - Focusing our attention on video, audio and live stream recording all
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Frets AKA "Swan Dive" Wooper. Making Music Matter For Kids' new Mascot. Also known as The school boards Ugly Ducking.Putting music back into school
Electric Music City Studio - Focusing our attention on video, audio and live stream recording
electric music city studio

* Electric Music City Studio - Focusing our attention on video, audio and live stream recording all in one live Streaming event. A dedicated division of MMMFK,  expanding our reach to the general public and offering live event production to local and regional musicians and our general audience. Including professional audio and video filming and editing production to our sponsors and the MMMFK community.

* So what is Electric Music City and why is MMMFK creating a strategy to orchestrate a committee of volunteers? See how you can get involved !

Rock School Music Lessons

ROCK SCHOOL - Performance-based beginner, intermediate, and advanced music lessons music programs, and advanced student reward program. In today's modern world of acclaimed music programs, we provide young people with the tools they need for success.

"On Tour" opportunity based performance program

How about donating that musical instrument and or gear that's been sitting around in your closet collecting dust. Donate It 


Making Music Matter For Kids free to low-cost cutting-edge music programs provide new and exciting ways for children in NEPA to learn and perform the art of music. This program offer volunteering and sponsorship opportunities. Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall national, regional, and children's events and programs. All proceeds go directly to the Making Music Matter For Kids mission.