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Just because we’re keeping our distance doesn’t mean the music has to stop

The experience of traditional concerts has always been exclusive and virtual concerts have not until the countries shutdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic. It will be interesting to see how the two will coexist with each other and continue to excite the fanbase.

As more live concerts, festivals and performances have been cancelled due to the coronavirus, Making Music Matter For Kids invites bands, artists and musicians of all ages to The Place @ Electric Music City Studios  streaming service and social media platforms to help all musicians continue to play live and connect with fans with a personal aspects of a live performance event. Planning and coordinating a live stream concert takes just as much, even more in some cases, because we need to ensure everything goes smoothly virtually and fulfill the exciting thrill that live concerts create.

  Making Music Matter for Kids has had to rethink the setup, the production and the entire approach to live social gathering events and recreated The Place at Electric Music Studio. We encourage people to envision the vast audience never anticipated through virtual live stream concerts as the events that take place to reach which the corporation in its early days of live music events with a live music experience and a personal connection like no other event .

Making Music Matter For Kids is achieving more with our initiatives than ever before. We work on many exciting projects to help improve the lives of others, and are very proud of the progress we continue to make. Learn more about what we do, who we help, and how we work every day to promote positive change.


Making Music Matter For Kids As our services evolved due to COVID-19 one of our main focus is on supporting live music. Now providing audio and video production services to the entertainment industry and private sector. MMMFK has put their teams focus and attention on live streaming, building a dedicated division of the company called: Electric Music City Studio - Live Streaming Specialists. Offering high end audio and multi-camera video production for live performances, podcasting/vlogging, instructional teaching, and corporate meetings/events.

MMMFK is expanding its production line to include professional video filming and sound editing production for music video shoots and a go-to for filming, television, and advertising industries. With the new soundproof performance and production Studio, EMC Studios can offer a unique location where production companies and artists can film, record audio and edit/master all under one roof and is conveniently located in Clarks Summit PA. The goal is to offer professional high-quality video production services that are dynamic, creative, and professional, at the most competitive price. At EMC Studio there are many settings to choose from, a dedicated high-speed upload Internet and professional lighting/backdrops. Our Live Streaming is in house.


-Professional Live Streaming

-Live Performances



-Instructional Broadcasts

-Corporate Events

-Corporate Private Streaming

-Broadcast Quality Audio

-Multi-Camera Production

-Camera Switching in Real Time

-Quality Lighting

-Secure Dedicated High-Speed Connection

-Green Screen

-23000LM 4K Projector Video Backdrop

-Professional Engineers and Operators




-Professional Engineers

-Attentive Staff

-Air Conditioning

-Wood Floors

-Natural Light

-Full PA

-Roland Electronic Drum Set

-Theatrical Lighting

-Backline for Bands

-Shure Microphones

-Green Room

-Small Scale Studio

-4 HD Video Streaming Webcam Recording 

-Full Array of Video Lighting

-Green Screen

-CYC Background

-Blackmagic ISO Camera Switching

-Vlogging Studio

-Editing Suite DaVinci Resolve 

-Audio Recording




-Apple Computer 

-23000LM 4K Projector

-Camera Switching in Real Time