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Put community support trust into the arts and help fulfill the mission - Working together to keep music education strong....The guidelines proposed in "The Mastering of a Music City" encourage municipalities of all sizes around the world to tap into the power of their music to create more cohesive, vibrant and wealthy communities.

For years, music classes have been the ugly ducklings of school curriculums—the last courses to be added, the first courses to be cut. They have always taken second place to traditional academic classes. Music, however, has proved itself to be extremely beneficial time and time again, from the undeniable improvement in grades regarding traditional academic classes to the glowing remarks from music students everywhere. In an ever-changing world, the addition of music education in schools needs to be next on the academic agenda.  Music education should be a required component in all schools due to the proven academic, social, and personal benefits that it provides.

We can't outsource creativity

By boosting a Cities music economy it brings in a multiple of dividends: it advances artistic and cultural growth, community support strengthens the community’s social fabric, creates jobs, boosts economic activity and tourism spending. A vibrant music economy creates a “cool” factor and the quality of life that makes people want to live and work there, giving it an edge in attracting and retaining talent in all fields, businesses and investment.

Cutting music programs has become a commonplace in many of the public schools of the developed world and anxiety has become a its common companion. Making Music Matter For Kids  nonprofit organizations proactive approach to advance in a series of activities to advocate music education for Scranton students k -12 

Making music matter for kids

Community-based coalition of advocate supporters. Teachers, parents, school officials and community leaders working together to keep music education strong, making sure that all children have access to music education and all the great benefits that only music can provide.


With community support - Volunteer 

A vibrant music economy drives value for cities in several important ways. It fuels job creation, economic growth, tourism development and artistic growth, and strengthens a city’s brand. A strong music community also attracts highly skilled young workers in all sectors for whom quality of life is a priority. This in turn attracts business investment.

Activity Planning Series

1. Creating music friendly and musicianship friendly policies

2. Establish a music office


3. Music advisory board

4. Engage support from the music community


5. Ensuring space and places


6. Supporting audience development


7. Establish a music tourism


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