Spenser Spirit Award

Spenser Spirit Award The Spenser Spirit Award is made in honor of local musician, Spenser Spirit Hogans, after his passing. This grant was created for Hogans' family to give back to the organization. They want to inspire the recipients, not only to pursue their dreams but give them the chance to recognize those dreams. Eligibility Requirements To enter, Children must write an essay / submit a portfolio for a chance to receive a scholarship
with a year’s worth of private music lessons with the valuing $1,200.


Make up a mock application 

Application due date:???

Date scholarship will be awarded???

How will funds be raised???

1,000  scholarship towards music lessons at Making Music Matter for kids. 

We need to raise $1250

Lessons are to be consecutive 

funds are to be used within one year from date scholarship was awarded 

If for any reason student does not continue lessons any funds remaining will go towards the next scholarship.

$250 is donated to MMMFK for services to the scholarship 

250 word essay on your passion and future goals in music education 

Applicant must  a student of Lackawanna county who is in grades 9th - 12th at date of application deadline. 

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About  Spenser Spirit Hogans

Everyone that knew Spenser, would agree that he was a man of Music and Poetry, his love of art was deep and passionate and he could usually be found either writing some new music or doodling/writing poetry in one of his many notebooks.

Spenser's love of music started at a very early age. Playing his first "guitar" at only 2 years old and playing the piano at "Grandma Presh's" house. The first instrument that he learned to play was the piano.  And then there was no stopping him! He played the violin, clarinet, guitar, bass and, no lessons, but taught himself drums. But, for all of this, he didn't even start lessons until he was 5 years old!

He and his friends started a band called "One Word Mary" in our garage in their very early teens. That band became "Three Man Cannon" and were together until Spenser's passing. But he also was asked to play in other bands all the time. He would play with The Menzingers, Cherry, Tigers Jaw and many others. He toured the United States and Europe. He also wrote his own songs and put out solo albums under the names "Spider Kingdom" and "Early Animator".

A friend of Spenser's and I were talking and she said "let people know that not only was Spenser a great musician, singer, and songwriter, he was an inspiration to other musicians and encouraged them to be creative. Even if he didn't know them personally, he went out of his way to be supportive. Many people would not have kept pursuing their dreams if not for Spenser".

Unfortunately, Spenser passed away too young, he was 29, from a virus that attacked his heart. I know that he would have loved to be a part of Making Music Matter for Kids and my hope is that this award will inspire the recipients to not only pursue their dreams but give them the chance to recognize those dreams.

Tracey Hogans (Spenser's Mom)