Our Roots

Making Music Available To All Children Based On Passion Not Income   

Making Music Matter For Kids broadens the lives of our children by teaching good habits that carry over into their lives, their work and expose new opportunities for success.  The Foundation of the organization produces tangible, ongoing  and positive results.  Fostering lasting improvement in society, with an emphasis on supporting and empowering children with the great many benefits of music. 

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Meaningful Work. Unforgettable Experiences.

Making Music Matter For Kids is achieving more with our initiatives than ever before. We work on many exciting projects to help improve the lives of others, and are very proud of the progress we continue to make. Learn more about what we do, who we help, and how we work every day to promote positive change.


May of 2015, Rock School the founders of MMMFK formed a comity to prepare a campaigned fundraiser in support of the creation of "Making Music Matter For Kids" free Summer program and August 30th 2015 event. The committees main primary focus was on 100% charity to students and raising awareness the importance of music in children's lives. Thanks to Rock Schools generosity, unique teaching techniques, 10 years of event organizing skills and strong fan base, generous donors and volunteers. By August 2nd the comity raised the necessary funds needed to pay the non profits fees filed on June 2, 2015. Successfully completing their August 30th 2015 events mission and raising awareness of the importance of supporting the MMMFK programs mission. Making music matter for kids based on principle not income. 

After MMMFK August 30th 2015 event, MMMFK created a unique sponsorship proposal package giving sponsors a verity of packages to choose from, invested in email, website and social media marketing for supporters, volunteers and fans. Launching its campaign on January 2nd 2016. MMMFK immediately sought donations from its local community businesses, fundraisers and individuals for MMMFK special fundraising 2016 event. Landing eleven generous sponsors, from cash donations and in-kind donations from local radio and newspaper.

On August 2nd 2016 MMMFK achieved tax-exemption under the IRS Section 501(c)(3). MMMFK was able to fund its August 27th2016 event, achieved its sponsorship responsibilities, met all necessary requirements for a successful event. Fostered children's music lessons and summer program, worked with a local disadvantaged youths facility for volunteers and continue to work with one of the individual as part of the MMMFK volunteers with overwhelming success,growth and ambition.     

MMMFK greatest achievement is charity, helping low income and disadvantaged youth gain access to programs that may not have been attainable to them in the past. The program is committed to fostering affordable music education for children in grades K -12 based on a child's strong desire for success. We believe music should be available to all children, regardless of income. This program builds discipline, helps students,volunteers and donors feel part of a team, guides students on a musical journey, exposing talents they may have never known they possessed. MMMFK achieved all the above within 16 months. And is focused on its mission and achieving its future goals.  


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Robin McArdle


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 Treasurer attends all board meetings, Maintain knowledge of the organization and personal commitment to its goals and objectives, Understand financial accounting for nonprofit, Serve as the chair of the finance committee, Manage with the finance and volunteer committee, the board's review of and action related to the board's financial responsibilities, Work with the chief executive to ensure that appropriate financial reports are made available to the board on a timely basis, Present the annual budget to the board for approval.

As PresIdent, Robin act in the best interests of MMMFK, the members, and the beneficiaries of MMMFK's purpose. Prohibits self-dealing and conflicts of interest. Assures that all state reporting requirements are met. Developing programs to carry out goals and oversee's the implementation of programs and fund raising operations, and is also the organization’s chief fundraiser. Primary spokesperson, recruits donors,attends fundraisers and act as liaison to the board of directors. Robins 20+ years of Supervisor/Management skills of tracking budget Expenses, supervision, quality management, safety management, staffing, delegation, performance management, organization, foster teamwork, Self-Development, Giving Feedback makes her qualifies as President of Making Music Matter For Kids.

Music Director/ Event Coordinator/ Founder. Lance spends the vast majority of his time doing things that only he can do and feels he can’t lose track of life in the trenches. Takes time to put away the dirty coffee cups, fold and stuff some letters and dial for dollars with the team. Praises those who are doing a good job and reward excellence. Lance has been responsible for creating, implementing and administering a successful annual development program to support the MMMFK Education and art of charitable giving. His areas of leadership and responsibility include developing strategy, annual and special campaigns, program sponsorship, benefit events and other event support, grants, Works with the boards trustees to further the fundraising efforts, and general stakeholder cultivation/solicitation.

 Secretary attends all board meetings, Ensure the safety and accuracy of all board records, Review board minutes, Assume responsibilities and provides notice of meetings of the board and/or of a committee when such notice is required. Devotes extra volunteer time to help plan and execute particular aspects of events. All board members use there many talents to make a difference in children's lives.